General Chair
Elizabeth Byrd Olin

General Vice-Chair
Katie Jones

Kickoff Co-Chairs
Renee Adams
Demerle Monks

Pickleball Tournament Co-Chairs
Hannah Thibodeaux
Melissa Turner

Dining Night Co-Chairs
Steffi Burks
Sara Taylor

Sunset Service Co-Chairs
Allyson Biddy
Jennifer Robinson

Fashion Show Co-Chairs
Cameron Cannon
Courtney Tylka

Coronation Ball Co-Chairs
Jayme Abshier
Melissa Tausend

Auction Chair
Kari Cook

Princess and Lieutenant Court Co-Chairs
Jill Kaale
Joy Nagel

Little Ladies-in-Waiting and Page Court Chair
Jill Aimes

Royal Court Chair
Marie Keener

Corporate Donor Sponsor Coordinator
Kim Woods

Raffle Co-Chairs
Erin Burrows McDonald
Scarlett Wood

Programs & Ads Chair
Kathryn Holmes

Publicity Chair
Melissa McKinnie

Lisa Holbrook

Administrative Assistant
Kim Woods